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Although a photo booth attendant will typically have limited interaction with the client at an event, the attendant’s primary interaction is with the event’s guests. The attendant ensures everyone understands how to make best use of the photo booth, orchestrates the guests experience, and even markets the photo booth to guests that are interested in being future clients.

The photo booth attendant will arrive at the event location and initiate contact with the client or the facility/event manager to confirm the logistics regarding the designated area to set up the photo booth. The photo booth attendant will be responsible for verifying that the assigned area for the photo booth is in an appropriate location.

Our attendants must be good at establishing and maintaining positive relationships with clients and outside service providers. Moreover, our photo booth attendants are required to create and maintain a favorable company image with other vendors and the public in general.

A photo booth attendant’s position requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable at fulfilling obligations. A Miami Event Photo Booth attendant is pleasant with others on the job and consistently displays a good-natured, cooperative attitude. In addition to being honest and ethical, the position requires developing one’s own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things done.


POSITION LOCATION: Miami, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Palm Beach, FL; Orlando, FL; Daytona, FL; and the rest of the state of Florida.

Miami Event Photo Booth was founded in 2009 and specializes in the rental of open-air photo booths. We provide photobooths for large corporate events, high profile weddings, and many other types of events and private parties. Miami Event Photo Booth has ambitious growth plans, and we’re looking to develop a team of responsible, creative, intelligent, and friendly individuals. 


We’re seeking friendly, and energetic attendants for the best photobooth company around. Job will entail delivery, setup and attending photobooths at various events. Must be available to work weekends. Typical events last 2-6 hours and occur mostly on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. From start to finish, the entire compensated time may be 4-12 hours. Hours are flexible. 


  • AA/AS and/or EXPERIENCE interacting with the public
  • Ability to form relationships and rapport quickly
  • Exhibit professionalism
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds
  • Must have computer knowledge and skills
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Communicate effectively with clients, vendors and event guests
  • Available to work weekend events is a plus
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Have excellent oral expression and comprehension
  • Must be able to convey information effectively
  • Must be reliable, responsible, and dependable - We do not tolerate late/no shows
  • Must display a good-natured, cooperative attitude
  • Must be able to work with minimal or no supervision
  • Must enjoy meeting and interacting with new and interesting people
  • Must enjoy traveling and working in different venue locations
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Photo Booth Attendant

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